Beauty cures: top 10 of the best to start during confinement

Beauty cures: top 10 of the best to start during confinement

More beautiful hair, perfect and younger-looking skin ... These promises are those of new beauty cures to be taken in capsules. Here are some you can test during containment!

Confinement forces us to stay at home. You then have to find occupations: drawing, watching series, learning new recipes and new disciplines, or simply resting and enjoying it to take care of yourself ... You have the choice depending on what you want to do. This period can also be an opportunity to sort through your bathroom, think of new beauty rituals or test easy makeup techniques. The tendency is for cures in capsules to be ingested for a few weeks. Why not try them out?

Beauty cures: the “in and out” beauty trend
Everybody talks about it. Beauty “in” and “out”, beauty “inside” and “outside” is very much in vogue. But the concept is not new since we know that the health and beauty of the skin and hair are influenced by external factors such as the sun or pollution, but also by internal factors such as the choice of our diet. The notion "in and out" means that beauty comes from what we put in our bodies and that it can be influenced by our diet.

Beauty treatments for skin and hair
More and more brands are launching their “beauty” food supplements. Among them, some are specifically designed for the skin. More "glow", better hydration, anti-aging action ... Following one of these cures would have a beneficial effect on the skin. If your goal is to bring elasticity to your skin and make it look younger, turn to capsules based on hyaluronic acid or complexes that fight against oxidative stress, which is partly responsible for appearance of wrinkles. Dry skin will be delighted to find essential fatty acids in the capsule formula because the latter will give it flexibility. Is your skin oily? Opt for a cure of capsules with zinc or burdock for example. These ingredients will also be perfect in hair supplements if you have oily roots. If your goal is to grow your hair quickly, Vitamin B8 and B6 are your friends!


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