what is the "dead vagina syndrome"?

what is the "dead vagina syndrome"?

The dead vagina syndrome, also known as vaginal death syndrome, refers to desensitization of the genitals after prolonged use of sex toys ... So, myth or reality?

Vaginal death syndrome: what is it?
Also known as the syndrome of the vaginal death, the syndrome of the "dead vagina" would indicate a loss of important and definitive sensitivity, in the genitals parts, caused by an abusive use of the vibrators and other sextoys ... The dead vagina syndrome could have serious consequences on the sexual life of women, since it would make it impossible to have an orgasm, by any means, because of the high tolerance to clitoral and vaginal stimulation, that the use of sextoys would provoke.

Sextoy: can masturbation be harmful and deprive us of orgasm?
But can solo masturbation really "kill" part of the female sex? This mysterious syndrome has already been mentioned, especially in the Anglo-Saxon press, several experts have already addressed the issue ... And that women reassure themselves: no, masturbation will not make you lose all sensitivity in the genitals , and even less to deprive you of orgasm!

This is in any case what reveals Dr. Shazia Malik, gynecologist in London, interviewed by our British colleagues of the newspaper Metro. It ensures, indeed, that there is no medical evidence that the dead vagina syndrome really exists and that the use of sextoys can harm the vagina or clitoris.

However, the specialist specifies that if the sensations in the vagina can slightly decrease after the "normal" use of a vibrator, because of the vibrations that it exerts on this part of the body, it is (almost) always temporary.

But it's exactly the same phenomenon of "numbness" that happens right after a delivery or after intercourse. The vibrations can numb, and "put to sleep" the affected area, which will quickly recover its original sensitivity, rest assured!

Cases of desensitization of the clitoris following a very intense use of sextoys are very rare cases, as specified by the gynecologist.


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