Xavi's discovery stuns Barcelona players

 Xavi's discovery stuns Barcelona players


Barcelona's young defender, Pau Cobarci, enjoys great support from the Catalan team's players, in light of the distinguished levels he is performing during the current period.

Barcelona coach Xavi put his trust in 17-year-old Cobarci, after more than one player, such as Andreas Christensen, Joao Cancelo and Inigo Martinez, was injured.

According to the newspaper "Mundo Deportivo", the levels presented by Cobarci amaze everyone within Barcelona, especially since he is young and does not have any experience.

Despite his young age, Bao Kubarsi's performance is exceptional, he has a great personality, and he does not make impressive mistakes.

The newspaper pointed out that the photo of goalkeeper Ter Stegen and player Ronald Araujo, after the Getafe match, congratulating Pau Cobarci, explains a lot about the value of the young defender this season.


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