First signs if a COVID-19 vaccine works possible in autumn

First signs if a COVID-19 vaccine works possible in autumn

The first indications of the effectiveness of a possible coronavirus vaccine could be available in the fall, said the head of the vaccine alliance GAVI to a Swiss newspaper, predicting a long way from there to wide availability . .

"Unfortunately, we really don't know which vaccine will work and whether there will be one. If we are lucky, we will receive information on the efficacy (of a potential vaccine) in the fall," said leader. from GAVI, Seth Berkley, to NZZ. am Sonntag in an interview published Sunday.

"But there is still a long way to go before an approved active substance becomes available in large quantities to the world's population."

Calling for coordinated global efforts to produce and share a possible vaccine, Berkley said that an international agreement was needed to build production capacity to quickly produce a vaccine once it was found.

"(The countries) should work together to share the vaccines with each other in case yours are not good," he said, adding that some vaccines may work better for young people and others for older groups.

He urged the World Health Organization to issue clear guidelines on the use and distribution of a vaccine to prevent a first vaccine from being made available to the wealthy at the expense of those who have it most. . need.

If an effective vaccine becomes available in an initially limited supply, it should first be used to immunize healthcare workers, he said.


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