Mélanie Da Cruz: Anthony Martial's ex joins a cult show

 Mélanie Da Cruz: Anthony Martial's ex joins a cult show

While the new season of Moms and Famous will begin on Monday April 3 on TFX, the production has announced that they will be the new protagonists. And good news for football fans: Mélanie Da Cruz will be there.


 Unexpected news. For the big return of the show Mamans et Célèbres, the TFX show has decided to shed light on new candidates. Indeed, this Tuesday, March 14, the channel of the TF1 group revealed all the mothers of stars who will be showing in the new season. No worries for Moms and Famous fans: all your favorite personalities will be there again. But a little surprise slipped in with the first participation of a very well-known woman: the ex of Anthony Martial.


 "This is the first time that Mélanie Da Cruz has done a television show with her son. A single mother for a few months, this young thirty-something lives in Manchester with her little boy, Swan, aged four. Melanie chose to keep for better co-parenting. Swan's dad is a professional footballer playing in the Manchester United team. By staying in Manchester, Swan can continue to live with both parents, because Melanie's priority is is above all that his child feels good and that he does not lose his bearings”, explains the press release. 


 As with the other protagonists of the show, viewers will also be able to find Julia, Martika, Hillary, Tiziri, Rym, Kelly, Stéphanie, Jesta, Sarah, Camille, Julie and Emilie. But obviously, everyone will have their eyes fixed on Mélanie Da Cruz during the first episode, which will be broadcast this Monday, April 4 on TFX. For those who don't know Mamans et Célèbres, here is the speech: "Shootings, shows, previews, brand and content creations, professional and personal projects, life as a couple... so many requests, and yet, they don't t "still remain mothers". Appointment is therefore made!



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