Instagram news: end of subscriptions and arrival of dark mode

Instagram news: end of subscriptions and arrival of dark mode

Instagram continues to evolve. With sometimes retreats like the end of the subscription tab. But also advances as the arrival of the famous dark mode.

Instagram announces the removal of the "Subscriptions" tab, a function that is not always well understood and that can create tensions between users. The "Subscriptions" tab allowed you to precisely track the activity of its subscribers, that is to say the content they like, the accounts they follow and their last connections.

In short, users did not necessarily know that their activity was visible to others. It has become for some a tool of espionage and especially, a factor of disputes. Diets, social and political opinions, culinary preferences, physical or intimate ... You could know many things about the intimate life of a person. But it's over and it's surely a good thing.

Another novelty, the arrival of dark mode on Instagram. This requires iOS 13 for Apple devices and the latest version of Android (10), which is reserved for few users for now.

For Android, simply go to the display settings of your smartphone, and simply select the "dark mode" in the submenu "display and brightness". For iOS, it's not that easy because it's not in the Instagram settings that you have to activate the dark mode. It will activate the dark mode of its iPhone, globally, available from iOS 13. Small drawback, if other applications have a dark mode, they will also be displayed in this way.


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