How to recognize a woman in love?

How to recognize a woman in love?

You are granted, it is not easy to know what is going on in the heads of women. In yours either, gentlemen! But you are crazy about a girl and you would like to know if this woman is in love with you. Here are some warning signs.
Love has no gender. So watch out for spoilers, everything that follows relates to women, but also gives a good overview of what boys do when they're in love. Only them, they have this little dazed look on their face! Want to find clues to find out if a girl is in love with you? Follow the guide !

The gestures of a woman in love

Is your partner looking at you with eyes that sparkle when you are facing her? Her gaze is deep and her pupils dilate in your presence? No doubt: this girl there, she loves you. And it's scientifically proven.

When a person is excited, their pupil can reach a size 4 times larger than their normal size. And conversely, we are more attracted to a person whose pupils are dilated. Eckhard Hess, former director of the Department of Psychology at the University of Chicago and pioneer of pupillometry (yes, it is a real discipline), has demonstrated since the 1970s the action of pupils when there is attraction. He thus demonstrated that between two photographs of the same woman, men prefer the one on which his pupils are dilated, a sign of desire.

The gaze will also tend to go towards the person with whom we are in love ... even if he sometimes wants to be fleeing.

The body tends to orient itself where the gaze wants to go. If at the restaurant, your girlfriend's body is oriented towards the next table where a charming young man is tasting his steak, it's not terrible. If on the other hand he is in all circumstances facing his lover, no doubt, she completely gaga about you.

Body language is not finished yet. Know that by being in love, a woman drastically reduces the distances between her and her target (or her partner). During the seduction phase, it will be a question of reducing the proxemia (neologism invented by the American anthropologist Edward T. Hall, who studied the distances during interactions between human beings according to cultures), that is to say - tell the socially imposed distance between this man (or this woman) and her, before attempting a few touches.

As a couple, a woman in love applies these same methods, and will stick more easily to the man who shares her life, will take her hand, will hug her. So a word of advice, beware when it marks its distance!

The behavior of a woman in love

A woman in love will gradually bring the chosen one of her heart into her daily life. First, in his stories. She reveals herself to him, about his hobbies, then his work, then more precisely his little worries at work, his anxieties, his apprehensions but also his deepest desires.

The more confident she is, the less she will be afraid of revealing her vulnerability.

Then, she will integrate her lover into her life, by telling him about her friends, then by introducing her to her friends, colleagues, or even more intimate: her family. Once again, distance is a good indicator. If you don't know the name or the face of his "best" after six months ... aie aie aie.

If she does, she expects at least as much from you. And yes, in love, it's still give and take. Otherwise, we call it the firedooring technique, this one-way love, and it's not terrible.

A person in love enters the phase of a sentimental obsession at the start of the relationship. You talk to her about yourself and she remembers everything! From your favorite color to your favorite garment, your other half is interested in everything that concerns you, near or far.

If she likes being the one to whom you tell your past, your future plans and drinks your words every time you open your mouth, for sure, this girl is in love with you!

This love she has for you also means that she does not control all of her emotions. Already scientifically because the brain of a woman in love releases oxytocin, the love hormone. Also known as the attachment hormone, it is all the more secreted when she hears the voice of the loved one, when she is in his arms, and even more when she has an orgasm.

In times of conflict, this hormone, combined with this fear of losing yourself (which will fade over time) can cause spicy arguments.

Make no mistake, gentlemen: this kind of reaction is not hate but quite the opposite of love.


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