winter, the best time to find love?

winter, the best time to find love?

What if winter was no longer synonymous with depression and greyness? According to an American dating site, the winter period is the best time to meet love. News that warms the hearts of singles.

As soon as the cold comes to the nose, some people tend to stay at home, in front of a good series by drinking hot tea. An activity not very conducive to meetings, it must be admitted. Especially in reality, it is always more pleasant to be two under the duvet than alone - especially in winter -. One reason for the 30% increase in visits to the American dating site between November 2018 and February 2019. "Online platforms are proving very effective in the face of loneliness brought on by the cold weather" reports Maria Sullivan, vice-president of, at the American media HelloGigles.

Among the other reasons cited by users, 60% say they relieve their winter anxiety or their sadness by registering.

For an optimal search for love, make yourself comfortable and look at the different profiles on the application of your choice. Your soul mate may be waiting for you during a conversation on Tinder, Meetic or AdopteUnMec. Ready to find love while staying warm under a blanket?


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