This is how an American writer predicted that the Corona epidemic would sweep the world six years ago

This is how an American writer predicted that the Corona epidemic would sweep the world six years ago

Researchers and experts in global laboratories are continuing their strenuous efforts to search for a medicine to treat people with the emerging corona virus, known as "Covid 19", while this virus continues to claim the lives of thousands of people in various parts of the world, but were there predictions of the emergence of "Covid 19" Before the first infection was discovered in Wuhan, China last January?

This prediction arose about six years ago from now. In August 2014, David Cohen, an American science writer, authored a book called: “The Flood: Infectious Animal Diseases and the Next Pandemic Pandemic Among Humans,” which states that researchers anticipate the possibility of a pandemic Because of a new disease if the environmental and health conditions continue to deteriorate as they were at that time.

In the introduction to the book, published by the series of the World of Knowledge, issued by the National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature in Kuwait, which was translated into Arabic by Mustafa Ibrahim Fahmy, the expected epidemic will be due to a new disease and not an old one, and the bacterium that causes it will be unfamiliar to humans, often viruses.

The conclusion of the author, whose research led him to travel to various continents and to meet a large number of researchers and scientists, is that the new virus that scientists expected will not come to humans from unknown space, but rather as a result of a flood of infection with germs that reach humans from animals, as it moved Ebola, AIDS and Hendra.

The author of the book identified three possible sources for the expected transmission of the virus from animals to humans, namely, African monkeys, rodents and rats in China, and bats in Malaysia.

Until now, the experts did not specify the source of the transmission of the emerging corona virus to humans when the first case of infection appeared in a popular market in Wuhan, China, although some hypotheses suggested that it was from the animal, but this hypothesis has not been confirmed scientifically until now.

Returning to David Cohen's book, there is a great match between the expectations and assumptions contained in the book's book and the reality in the world today, as stated in the introduction edited by the translator Mustafa Ibrahim Fahmy that "what is happening now from the speed of travel and travel, especially aviation, will facilitate the spread Pandemic, so that the epidemic may spread globally in a matter of hours. "

The name of the Corona virus is mentioned in the book, which the scientists who David Quamen predicted in his book published in 2014 indicated that it might be the next epidemic that threatens the world, "as an unknown virus, but it resides in a treasured family, lying in wait for the conditions necessary for its spread and transmission of infection." For a human being. "

The translator explained that the book "Corona means corona, because the scene under the microscope appears in the particles of the virus and surrounded by prominent round burrs that appear as a wreath."

The translator indicated that the book "overflow" helps to understand epidemics, their factors, methods of treatment and timing, and that they are not just coincidental diseases that affect humans, but there are certain factors that cause them, such as the deterioration of the state of the environment due to human behaviors, thus alerting scientists and researchers to give an early warning to implement the necessary measures to avoid The epidemic and avoided before it occurs.


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