Fight vaginitis

Fight vaginitis

Frequent, this inflammation of the vagina which can affect all women has very variable causes. They must be identified in order to adopt the appropriate treatment.

The causes

"Vaginitis is most often linked to a proliferation of fungi that naturally make up the vaginal microbiota, especially Candida albicans," explains gynecologist Sandrine Brugère. These mycoses can be favored by an antibiotic treatment, vaginal douches, an intimate toilet too frequent or with unsuitable products (too strippers), too tight clothes, a variation of the estrogen level (pregnancy, oral contraception, menopause) or uncontrolled diabetes. "The use of tampons and hygienic protections containing chemical substances can also favor them," notes Léa Kourganoff, midwife of the Diaconesses Croix Saint-Simon hospital group (Paris). Sometimes the culprit is a bacteria (Gardnerella vaginalis) of the vaginal microbiota which has multiplied in excess (this is called bacterial vaginosis). Vaginitis can also be caused by a parasite (trichomonas), a bacterium (chlamydiae, gonococci) or a mycoplasma transmitted through sexual contact.


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