Android apps to check out

 Android apps to check out


As in all sectors, also in the world of APP there are offers and sales in summer and, perhaps it is the perfect time to start to review the options that Google Play offers Android users.

Although there are some that were released at a low price such as those that scan QR codes or some games, for a limited time the platform has released many of them for free.

In this sense, during the summer, it is interesting to take a look at two sectors: the game for leisure time entertainment and the possibility of customization thanks to new resources.

In the first field, that of games, riddles, puzzles or memory games are the main options that have become free. It makes sense because they are the most comfortable to be able to enjoy now at times in your free time or during time in the pool.

In the second field, that of personalization, a new scenario opens.

There are many users who are looking for self-designed originality in wallpapers or even when editing images. And the shots go through that field. Applications that previously had a not very high cost and that have opted to leave their free download for a while are some such as DmonD Icon Pack or Play Edition that allow you to change the shape of the icons and even customize the backgrounds in a unique, minimalist or way more dynamic.

Just take a look at the Google play catalog to find some offers that did not exist before.
How are the Android bargains found?

The first thing to do is enter the APP and select what type of section you want to review. If, for example, it is games, just look in its tab for the option “Games on sale”.

But there is another way, and it is based precisely on an application: Appsales, where the options, offers, discounts of the applications in your catalog are published. Every day, it also adds new download options, which also shows the user some that they would never have known otherwise.

Who does not find the bargains, in reality, it is because they do not want to.


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