Android says goodbye to Huawei

 Android says goodbye to Huawei


September 23, 2020 September 23, 2020 by AndroidMarketApps

The arrival of the Huawei brand's operating system has become a reality. Despite the fact that it was already notified in 2019, it looks like the day will still be a long time away when the Chinese multinational company has chosen to stop including android software in its models.

However, it has already advised that its proprietary software, HarmonyOS 2.0, is ready to install on a regular basis and to facilitate not only rapid device recognition but also communication and collaboration between devices and data exchange between different smart devices. For a brand that interacts with each other.

Founded in 1987, Huawei has been one of the leading brands in the telecom sector for years thanks to devices that provide high-quality features at more competitive prices than other brands.

A major asset they have always had is the substantial investment in research, development and innovation, which has just announced that what they consider to be true wireless charging can soon be launched thanks to the benefit of lasers.

Be that as it may, since the beginning of the month, Harmony has been providing a version of 128KB-128MB IoT devices that include, among other things, smart watches or in-vehicle devices.

And it's just another step, according to the company itself, to continue to include this software in its devices until bidding farewell to Android at the end of the year - perhaps with the entire epidemic this will take a little longer -.

All this in a context in which it seemed to contain everything against this kind of development due to the right of veto in the United States or even disputes on the European continent.

Finally, it remains to be seen if 2021 will be the year when Android and Ios begin to compete with a new way of understanding the hardware operating system.


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