Smart TVs, protagonists of Android 11 features

 Smart TVs, protagonists of Android 11 features

Although currently smart TVs that use Android do so with version 9.0, it is the launch of the eleventh edition of this operating system.

There are several improvements that will allow users to benefit from better features, including a much more optimized performance thanks to memory management. But one of the keys - in fact, one of the most popular among users - is privacy, with the inclusion of permissions that are only granted once when applications are opened.

One of the developments that was also creating the most expectation was related to games on TV, which thanks to the deactivation of post-processing and thus improving multimedia content. Now you can use the Nintendo Switch Pro and the Steam controller.

"Google will be able to modify the necessary elements of the system through its own updates from the Play Store, without having to go through the chip or mobile manufacturers" commented from the company, giving special importance to all this allowing patching security flaws.

It will not be until the next few months when the update reaches users through their Smart TV devices, but it does seem clear that none that have Android 9.0 Pie TV as standard will have a problem updating to the most current version.


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