Make love all night is a relatively rare fact, rest assured, movies are not reality. But if you have challenged yourself or just want to spice up your relationship, you will find some tips to make the pleasure last ... all night long! Take a deep breath ... let's go!

Take your time making love all night

In order to be able to make love all night, it is very important to take your time. If your darling explodes with happiness from the start of your hugs, he will be less inclined to continue thereafter. But it will mainly depend on his age and the desire he has for you.

Some men may get an erection immediately after ejaculation, but for others it may take longer.

To avoid ending up in the case where your night together ends at 12:10 am, it is necessary to delay the time of penetration as long as possible and for this, the preliminaries are essential.

Delay orgasm to have sex all night

In the manner of tantrism, favor caresses, massages, kisses before proceeding to penetration, and when you start it, make sure that it is very slow in order to delay the moment of ejaculation.

In addition, the softer your hugs, the less you will tire and the longer you will keep your strength to make love all night. Your darling can also train to have orgasms without ejaculation, which will allow him to maintain his erection longer.

For this, some exercises including deep breaths and control of his enjoyment are necessary.

Alternate positions for making love all night

To make your night more exciting, do not lock yourself in one position throughout it. Without forcing yourself to perform all the variations of Kamasutra either, let your bodies and desires speak for themselves.

Do not impose yourself a series of positions that you do not really want, but vary according to what you feel, if the lying position on the back starts to bother you, lie on your stomach, your darling can then massage you and even make love to you in this position.

Do not stay in the same place either, move to the sofa or even on the dining room table. Your feelings will only be increased tenfold.

Naughty breaks to make the pleasure last

Between each hug, you can take breaks, either alone or accompanied. Sometimes alone to be able to experience a feeling of lack of your partner.

And sometimes accompanied, for example by taking a shower, but take your sweetheart with you, continue your caresses underwater or even in a bath decorated with candles.

You can also sleep a little in each other's arms or eat ... To relaunch your hugs, do not hesitate to use genito-oral caresses, fellatio and cunnilingus are excellent preliminaries for revive desire and excitement.


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