Shocking new facts about the deadly corona virus

Shocking new facts about the deadly corona virus

Researchers at the University of Hong Kong have estimated that 44,000 people have been infected with the deadly coronavirus in Wuhan, China, including incubation cases.

In contrast, official estimates of the Chinese authorities indicate that about 2,800 people were injured, while the number of deaths rose to 106 cases, while injuries in Hong Kong reached 8 confirmed cases.

The South China Morning Post quoted Gabriel Leung, chief researcher and dean of the university’s medical school, as saying that his team estimated the number of infected people with signs of disease at around 26,000, but that the number would double in 6.2 days, according to his mathematical modeling operations.

For its part, the National Health Committee of China said that the Coruna virus is contagious even in the incubation period that lasts for 14 days, and that its ability to spread increases strength.

The minister in charge of the committee, Ma Xiaowei, said that the authorities' understanding of the virus is still limited, and that things are unclear about the risks posed by possible mutations, adding that the outbreak is likely to continue for some time.

He added: "In contrast to severe acute respiratory syndrome - SARS - the new coronavirus can transmit during the incubation period, and there may be no immediate pathological symptoms for the infected, which has added to the difficulties faced by the authorities to control its spread."

On the other hand, the World Health Organization - which has been criticized for dealing with past outbreaks of disease - acknowledged that it had erred in assessing the risks of the "new corona" killer virus in China, according to the agency "Agence France Presse."

The organization said in reports, last week, that the global threat posed by the new virus is "moderate", but in a new report confirmed that "the risk has become very high in China, and high at the regional and global levels."


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