3 yoga postures for Zen sexuality after 50 years

3 yoga postures for Zen sexuality after 50 years

Relieve tension, soften the body, stimulate the sexual organs ...: yoga has a lot to offer in terms of pleasure and desire. What if we took advantage of the aphrodisiac virtues of this ancestral practice?

We know that yoga is love. But not only from a spiritual point of view! Indeed, it is also the ally of our libido. And not only because it allows you to move with more flexibility, that it reduces stress and complexes, that it teaches us to listen to our sensations ... A gentle, regular practice adapted to your metabolism deepens the breath (and therefore tones the heart), strengthens the abdominals in depth, relaxes the hips, tones the genitals and perineum. So many benefits that will improve your sex life. We offer three postures to practice regularly to release and explore your sexual energy. We roll out our carpet, put on our leggings and take some time for ourselves ...

Tone the perineum by breathing
Before practicing a posture, set up a breathing which stimulates your perineum. This muscle that supports the organs of the lower abdomen is located around the anus and genitals. It is him that we contract when we refrain from going to pee. A toned perineum is a powerful orgasmic ally due to its reflex contractions which intensify pleasure.

Here's how to stimulate it with the breath. Sitting in a comfortable posture, back straight, breathe in and out through your nose. On inspiration, inflate the belly and release the perineum. At the expiration, let the belly lower and contract the perineum. You will try to keep this breathing movement in each of the proposed postures.

Baddha konasana: the butterfly

Take the posture: sitting on the ischia (the small bones that support the weight of the body), with your back straight, bring your two soles against each other and grab your toes with your hands. Perform gentle beats with the thighs. Close your eyes and settle into your breathing. Gradually increase the amplitude of the beats to try to bring the knees closer to the ground, while staying in comfort. Stay in the pose for 30 seconds the first few times, then increase to 1 or 2 minutes.

Enjoy the benefits: this posture opens the hips and the pelvis, increasing their flexibility (which is very practical in a bed ...). In addition, it tones the pelvic floor and releases tension from the sexual organs. Finally, it allows internalization and brings calm.

Dvipada pitham: the two-legged table
Take the posture: lying on your back, arms alongside your body, palms on the ground, bend your legs and bring your heels closer to your buttocks. On an inspiration, tuck in the chin, lift the pelvis and bring the sternum towards the chin. At the expiration, unroll the column on the ground. Repeat the exercise six times. Then try to stay in the posture (raised pelvis) three to six respiratory cycles.

Enjoy the benefits: this posture muscles the thighs, glutes and back. But above all it helps to become aware of your perineum, which is stimulated each time you lift and lower the pelvis. Finally, because it is an inverted posture (the pelvis is raised relative to the head), it allows the irrigation and oxygenation of the sexual organs.

Bhujangasana: the cobra

Take the posture: lie on your stomach, arms folded along your body, palms facing the ground. Tighten your glutes and stick your pubic bone into the ground (the pelvis should never come off the ground). On an inspiration, gradually raise the middle of the back, the upper back and then the head. Lean on the forearms. At the expiration, make the reverse movement: first bring the head towards the ground, then the upper back, then the middle of the back. At the end, release your shoulders into the ground.

Repeat the exercise six times. Then try to stay in the posture (back extended) three to six respiratory cycles.

Enjoy the benefits: this is an energizing posture that brings energy to the heart region. It promotes concentration. Finally, it improves blood circulation in the pelvic region and promotes the tone of the perineum. A real preparation for enjoyment ...


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