She loses 57 pounds with a simple trick

She loses 57 pounds with a simple trick

Thanks to a simple little trick, this 23-year-old young mother lost 57 pounds in 14 months. His physical transformation is incredible.

After the end of the holiday season, many people have the impression that the waistband of their pants will soon explode. It is therefore high time to get rid of those extra pounds and go on a diet.

In order to get back into shape after the holiday excesses, it is high time to eat healthier and get more exercise. This is the case of Keely Dellit! This 23-year-old mother even managed to lose almost half of her weight by simply and gradually changing her habits.

No drastic diet, no frustration
The Australian has not had any surgery. She gradually changed her eating habits. She continued to go to fast food, but she consumed smaller portions. Then Keely made healthier choices.

The 126-kilogram young mother stopped drinking sugary drinks and drank lots of water. Then she stopped eating takeout and started cooking. She replaced fried chicken with grilled chicken and white rice with brown rice.

These gradual changes have allowed him to transform slowly and adopt a healthier life. Low in carbohydrates and calories, his diet was mainly composed of vitamins, fiber and protein.

In addition to a balanced diet, the young mother started to exercise. If at first she only walked 15 minutes a day, she quickly improved to the point where she could walk 20 km in four hours. She then enrolled in a training hall and eventually became a sports coach.

Little by little, the young woman saw her efforts pay off and 14 months later, Keely Dellit lost 57 kilos and reached her goal!


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