What are relaxation exorcises

What are relaxation exorcises


 This exercise depends on the same person, and inside, where he uses visual visualization, and makes it with the body in order to reduce tension, anxiety, where the person imagines a place, or a quiet situation, and repeats some words and suggestions that can help to relax and reduce Muscle tension, then begins to focus on breathing, trying to relax, slow heart rate, or even feeling the relaxation of the leg, arm.

Yoga Exercise

 Yoga, tai chi, and chigong together are ancient creations that combine breathing with rhythm, with a series of physical positions, to improve body flexibility and balance, and to increase the mental focus that helps distract one's mind from racing thoughts in his head. Exercises for people with health problems, difficult referrals, or even if the person is not active at all, it is a rather difficult exercise.

Deep breathing exercise

Breathing deeply resists the effects of stress by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure too, according to doctor Judith Totten. Deep breathing takes a five minute pause, then stands straight, closes the eyes, puts the hand on the abdomen to feel air , Then breathe slowly with the feeling inside it, then take it out of the mouth.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise

The exercise can be done by stretching the muscles slowly, then relaxing them. The exercise can be done by tightening the muscles of the toes, gradually rising in the body. The muscles will be stretched for 5 seconds, then relax for 30 seconds. On the difference between tightening the muscles of the body, thus increasing the perception of physical sensations by focusing on each group of muscles alone.


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