A New Zealand mosque terrorist explains the cause of his crime

A New Zealand mosque terrorist explains the cause of his crime

Brenton Tarant, the alleged executor of the terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, posted an online statement explaining his "motives" for the crime and acknowledged that he was a "terrorist" felon.

Tarant said that the influx of immigrants to Western countries is the most serious threat to their societies, and is tantamount to what he described as the "genocide of whites." It is not a question of the welfare of the peoples of these countries but the issue of survival and fate.

The statement said the attack was aimed at "convincing the invaders that our land would never become theirs" and in retaliation for "the millions of Europeans killed by foreign invaders throughout history and the thousands of Europeans who have been killed in terrorist attacks on European territory."

"He only wishes to kill as many of the invaders and traitors as possible," he said. "There is no innocent among the targets, because anyone who invades the land of others has the consequences of doing so."

Tarrant said he supported US President Donald Trump "as a symbol of a renewed white identity and common goal" rather than as a politician.

It was not yet clear if Tarant was the only executor of the attack, where police said they had arrested four people for the attack.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that one of the attacks on mosques in New Zealand on Friday was an extreme right-wing Australian.

Morrison told the press that the shooting of a mosque in Christchurch was carried out by an Australian citizen who described him as a "right-wing extremist terrorist."


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