Maria Fire explodes at more than 8,000 acres in one night

Maria Fire explodes at more than 8,000 acres in one night

A fire broke out on Halloween night in Ventura County and exploded overnight, spanning more than 8,000 acres, resulting in a mandatory evacuation involving at least 7,500 people. Many nearby school districts have canceled classes due to this fire.

The late Maria burns in a mountainous area between Santa Paula and Somis, a community of pastoralists and farmers. The fight against the fire was hampered late Thursday night when authorities landed air support after the discovery of a flying drone in the fire zone.

Better news, fire officials said they did not think that Maria's fire would be the size of the fire of 2017, that of Thomas Fire, who burned for nearly 40 days and ate on an area. 282,000 acres (440 square kilometers).

Based on the location of the late Maria, who did not start a ridge, fire officials said the fire would run out of fuel at any given time, burning at most about 12,000 acres.

Maria's fire started just after 6 pm at South Mountain and the authorities warned it was spreading rapidly. It was 0% of Friday morning content.

The teams continue to work in dangerous weather conditions. A red flag warning has been extended until 18 hours. Friday, with maximum wind forecasts of 25 mph, with gusts of up to 35 mph, and a relative humidity of one digit, according to the National Meteorological Service.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


Area: 8,060 acres
Containment: 0%
Structures destroyed: none have been reported yet
Threatened structures: none have been reported yet
Resources deployed: 250 firefighters



North boundary: South Mountain Road
West Frontier: West Los Angeles Avenue
East limit: Balcom County Road
Southern limit: Highway 118

Road closures:

South Mountain Road between 12th Street and Balcom Canyon
Berylwood Road In Aggen Rd.
West La Loma Rd. Between Center Rd and Walnut Ave.
Price Rd. E. Avenue E. Los Angeles (Highway 118)
Clubhouse Drive at E. Los Angeles Ave. (Route 118)


For the people:

Camarillo Community Center: 1605 Burnley Street, Camarillo

For animals:

Camarillo animal shelter (small animals): 600, dr Aviation, Camarillo
Ventura County Fairground (Large Animals): 10 W. Blvd Harbor, Ventura
Earl Warren Showgrounds: 3400 Calle Real, Santa Barbara

In addition, Ventura County will distribute N-95 masks to:

Camarillo Community Center: 1605 Burnley Street, Camarillo
Santa Paula Hospital: N. 10th St., Santa Paula


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