Treatment of herbal anemia

Treatment of herbal anemia


Methods of prevention and treatment
Eat a variety of useful food:
You should maintain adequate and adequate nutrition, rich in calories, protein and iron, especially green vegetables, red meat and liver, and also appropriate foods, fish, seafood, chicken, legumes such as beans, peanuts . Apple: either freshly eaten fresh or fresh juice, and the way to drink a cup of fresh apple juice once in the morning and another in the evening

the strawberry:
It is rich in minerals and vitamins and is used in the purification of blood and body toxins by eating the fruits of strawberries fresh and unfilled at a rate of a quarter of a kilogram a day

The ring contains a compound of diazogenine, it is also a tonic and low blood sugar and good for colon problems and skin cracks, but its benefits are great in anemia and the way to take a spoonful of soft ring powder and mix with pure honey and taken daily before food quarter hour and one hour before dinner a quarter of an hour

Use this mixture for treatment:
Mix equal amounts of thyme, peppermint and chamomile flowers, then take a spoonful of the mixture and immerse in a cup of boiling water and leave for 5 to 10 minutes and then drain and drink before lunch and before dinner

Watercress is considered a useful vegetable for the treatment of anemia, where it is taken to fill a tablespoon of fresh watercress juice 2 to 3 times a day with water or fresh milk, and eat a whole package of fresh watercress washed well, especially in the winter as it is the separation of watercress the same purpose and watercress Good for blood purification

Barley with milk:
Where it takes about 100 to 150 grams of barley flour and mix with a pint of milk buttermilk "curd" and add to the mixture of atoms of salt and then stir well and put on a low heat and leave on fire for ten minutes and stir between time and time and when finished add cream or pure honey bees Add a few raisins without sowing and then eaten with the note that this recipe is not given to people with diabetes

Halawa Tahini is distinct for anemia, it contains sesame oil and sweeter sweat and white flour feeder and this recipe is strengthened and codified, but should not be used by diabetics

Lemon is a substance rich in vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and takes the filling of a glass of lemon juice immediately after lunch and another after dinner directly

Iron Gluconate:
This is in the form of a product sold at the complementary food stores and the best absorption


Rovel: A green powder extracted from the vegetables and is rich in iron and some important vitamins and there is a product in the shops of complementary foods and is used to treat anemia

Brazilian ginseng:
It is the root of the ginseng plant and contains soap, which is a good tonic and is useful in cases of anemia. It contains several preparations in pharmacies where there is syrup, capsules, tablets and the same roots as they are

Folic acid:
It is a drug that prevents anemia, strengthens appetite and lowers cholesterol

Treatment of herbal anemia
• Eat fruits, especially pears, figs, apples and apricots.

• Eat vegetables such as spinach, basil, lentils, beans, celery and cabbage.

• Watercress purifies blood and strengthens it when taken after the age.

• Eat grape juice daily in 

the morning and evening.

• Chamomile, mint, thyme and anise have many benefits in strengthening blood.

• Dates contain many substances that act to nourish the blood and strengthen it.

• Avoid smoking.

• Avoid foods containing sugar because it inhibits the absorption of iron useful in the treatment of anemia.

• Boil the ring and eat the output.

• Black honey strengthens the blood.


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