Benefits of Amber

Benefits of Amber

Amber is one of the most important natural materials extracted from the whale and is specifically extracted from the intestine, natural compound and Lin and tends to black color large size and up to 100 pounds, and enter in many industries and places most important are the most expensive perfume, and contains many colors, Including white, black, gray, yellow and blue. It has natural structures useful for the body, but must be taken in moderate proportions. This is done by soaking it in water and eating it. .

The most important benefits of amber smoke
1. The use of ammonia smoke is one of the most powerful natural elements that are very effective in completely eliminating all problems and defects in the respiratory system. It also eliminates sputum and dyspnea, all symptoms with colds and flu, eliminating flu and severe cold.

2 - The most important things that benefit the general health of the digestive system, which is the most important end and get rid of all problems and defects bulges, which is one of the most important things that help in the expulsion of gases is normal and softening and this by eating or fat in the place is one of the best patient elements Which helps to rid the body of all the toxins that accumulate in it. These are one of the characteristic things that harm the urine and help rest the intestines and stomach all the time.

It is used as a unique treatment for erectile dysfunction problems and treats erectile dysfunction, which is used to increase the desire and sexual ability of men and women.

4 - has many popular uses that help to abolish magic and envy and this by using it in steaming houses, a common belief that the ability to expel demons.

5. The drug is used in weight gain, which is a natural opening of the appetite, which increases the high demand for food.

6 - It is used in complete accomplishment and disposal of all problems and defects in the bones and joints and this helps to reduce all injuries.

7 - Medication is a natural home for all the pains that come with these infections and this is related to rheumatism.

8 - Treat all disorders of insomnia and sleep It is used to improve the mood of all people because it contains a strong, very smart and beneficial aroma in evaporation.

9 - Enter in many things that are used to relax and this by putting some drops of it in the bathroom and helps to feel happy, joy and optimism.

10 - is one of the ideal solutions that address many of the problems and defects and neurological diseases, which is one of the most important epilepsy.

11 - used in the strengthening and development of lamps and roots in hair and this helps to prevent the fall completely.

12 - is one of the most important things that benefit the heart and has a distinctive formula helps to reduce the rate of harmful cholesterol in the blood, which helps to facilitate access to oxygen and helps to block the blockage of all arteries and blood vessels and other things in the body.

13. Eliminates tetanus, a serious disease that must be treated.

14 - Helps to give the body a beautiful and distinctive scent.

15 - Used in the treatment of all diseases in the brain.

16. Amber smoke is also used to treat all diseases in the brain, treat all back pain and reduce the risk of serious diseases such as paraplegia.

17. Calms nerves and completely eliminates tension and tension.

18 - Treat all bites of insects and harmful animals such as scorpions and others and this through the development of amber, white honey and infected honey infected site of all insects.

Amber for weight gain
Amber is white and is used for weight gain in all parts of the body by mixing 11 grams of amber smoke with white honey. It is taken daily in the morning before breakfast and helps in weight gain, skin and skin dramatically by making a mask of amber smoke oil that gets rid of Of all the stains found in the body, the mask can also be made for amber oil with a teaspoon of lemon juice a quarter teaspoon of glycerol, which helps to get rid of all stains.

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