The reality of the marriage of Ivanka Trump

The reality of the marriage of Ivanka Trump

Even before she became President's daughter, Ivanka Trump lived her whole life in the eyes of people. At the age of nine, she became the target of newspapers during the disintegration of her notorious parents, who appeared in real time in the media. It came to a point where photographers paparazzi chased Ivanka relentlessly in her primary school, sending her brothers temporarily to live in Florida until things calmed down.

So it is not surprising that Ivanka, as a grown-up, maintains a self-image of herself and her marriage to her real estate colleague, Jared Kouchner. But some cracks in her face, such as her grudges with Justin Trudeau, and the time she forgot to wear her wedding ring on the scene, led to speculation about what was really going on with her marriage to Jared Kouchner. Here are some clues.

"Evening steal Yu girl" and "forgotten wedding ring"

In fact, there are a lot of unconventional things about the marriage of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kouchner, but before we get to them, we want to quickly address more than two of the most cited and inappropriate things in this category. Maybe that's why they shot all over the internet as a scandal dujours then almost immediately forgot.

First, with regard to Ivanka's appearance without a ring on the scene. It's so simple: I forgot. "I knew you would call me in. I was engaged for three months and then I got married for eight days, so I was sitting at a table next to my bed," Ivanka told the hosts. People.

Second, the moments of Justin Trudeau. It is recognized that their first meeting at the White House round table on women in the labor force deserves all the "joy of stealing a girl" that he has produced. Alien camera angles aside, Ivanka was giving completely to the Canadian Prime Minister Goo-goo eyes. Then they went to music with each other, the musical titled 9/11 Come From Away from the championship of veterinarian Jane Collilla, and it really lost people. In a way, there was the fact that there was a US ambassador to the United Nations, Nicky Halley, not to mention Trudeau's wife. But those disturbing facts are lost in excitement over the scandal. Sometimes the Internet is worse than middle school, huh?

They are very focused on business

If you ask most couples to complement each other, one of the last things they cite is a biography. But Ivanka Trump and Jared Kouchner are not most couples. Prior to joining Trump, they were both leaders of powerful multi-billion dollar real estate enterprises. Ivanka was a leading role in The Trump Organization, and Jared was CEO of Kushner, his family's real estate empire, as well as the largest contributor and publisher of The Observer. As you can imagine, these executive positions, while clearly lucrative, consume a lot of time and energy.

In an interview with Purple, Ivanka said she worked 12 to 14 hours. To Harper's Bazaar, she proudly boasted her arrival always before anyone else in the office. This kind of leadership should be a great turnout for Kouchner, who has already met Trump during what was supposed to be a working meeting. The nature of the transactions continued throughout their marriage. The couple's wedding program allegedly included a "marketing bulletin" for a Donald Trump golf course, which Ivanka denies. But it is reasonable to think of Kouchner's description of their marriage from Vogue like this: "I would say that she is definitely the chief executive of our family, while I am more on the board." Whoa, calm down there, Kasanova!

Kouchner also shows his romantic plan along miles when he plans the nights of history. "So my husband's idea of ​​a night's night in some way always involves me looking at one of its development sites, so we went to this wonderful restaurant in Brooklyn on Saturday and suddenly found myself standing on the roof of the Whole Foods." In Ivanus in the heavy rain, and at midnight, showing me this giant site he just bought, "Ivanka says, looking at the nature of romantic working relationships, we have to wonder what will happen now that they have exchanged the meeting room with the White House. On the steps of the Capitol?

 They do not have friends of their age

Unlike her sister-in-law, Tiffany, Ivanka Trump always looked like an old spirit. "The concerts were not a major part of my life, I do not drink too much, I always have the best of quiet places, like dinner," she told Purple. Perhaps that is why Ivanka and Chelsea Clinton have already cooperated well, although there is something telling us that they will not see much of each other over the next few years. But outside this high-level friendship, Ivanka was never one of the "scene".

Jared Kouchner has long been described as calm and polite and appears to have been born ready to take charge of executive management. According to Esquire, Kouchner himself is surrounded by older industry leaders, which was evident in his 35th birthday celebration, in which a guest described the average age of party performers as "close to 70 years." This is probably good for Ivanka, who once said: "Jared and I will walk around the neighborhood and look at the property I own but I enjoy it."

Their backgrounds are frighteningly similar

Although Ivanka is certainly more attracted than her husband, neither she nor Jared are close to matching the enormous personalities of their parents. Donald Trump, needless to say, is a caricature in almost everything. As its appearance, behavior, and modern way, and so on. Charles Kouchner, Jared's father, himself a real estate billionaire, is also a stubborn businessman and a vital figure, "saw himself as a Jewish Jew," according to the New York Journal. Donald Trump and Charles Kouchner were also involved in their share of scandals. Kouchner spent nearly two years in jail for felony crimes, including tampering with elections and arranging for his sister to be blackmailed.

Of these strange men, two polished and apparently leading children were born, and against the scandals. Both have loved their work more than anything else in life; both have held leadership positions in the family business from an early age. Both have not only ambitions in politics, but also a deep sense of how to maneuver for that mysterious water, though wholly alien.

But, above all, and despite the presence of wild patriarchal figures that could easily derail them, these two individuals remain steadfast in family values. "I learned from my father: the first thing in life is to love what you do," Javid wrote, the most elusive media presence, once in an opener of the Observer magazine, how much his philosophy of life is shaped by a horrific story of his surviving ancestors. The Holocaust.

They had problems before they became Jewish

According to the Isquier file, Jared Kouchner's faith in Orthodox Judaism pushed him and Ivanka into temporary division. The problem lies primarily with Kouchner's father, Charles Kouchner, the patriarch of the Kouchner family empire, who was said to have driven Ivanka to convert her before she was allowed to marry. A guest at their wedding said Kouchner the elder had raised the subject in his bride's niece at the reception. "Look, everyone thinks it's wonderful, but being Jewish is unbelievable to us, it's not Jewish, it's a problem for me, it's a real problem, and I saw it in my son's love and it was not." I feel comfortable about it, "still tov?

But if Ivanka feels any pressure to convert, she no longer looks like that. She told Vaughn how she felt that her new faith had blended the modern and traditional aspects of her life and also strengthened their families. "I really find that with Judaism, it creates a wonderful plan for family communication," she said. They are also proud to celebrate Saturday. "From Friday to Saturday, we do nothing but hang out with each other," she said. The context of its appreciation for this celebration becomes more evident when examining the intense work schedule of power pairs.


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