Ten best habits before bedtime

Ten best habits before bedtime

10 best habits for successful people at the last hour before bed, how to use the last hour in bed ?, How to benefit from the success of the pre-sleep?

1-reading before bedtime
No one neglects the importance of reading in acquiring knowledge, learning about new cultures, and having a wealth of information.
Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corp., an avid reader, spends his day at night reading everything from politics to current events.
Many studies of what human brain reading does, a study conducted by the University of Essex in 2009 found that reading for 6 minutes a day reduces stress by as much as 68%.
They have not been astounded in the outside world, and feel experts who have trouble thinking, and test their results.

2. Separation of electronic devices
After a hard day, a long mental and physical effort, Yours sincerely
Usually Ariana is not, in theory, in the tests of Dr. Charles Chesler.

3-round walk
Baffer's CEO, Joel Gascoigne, is yours?
And what many do not know, to walk more than the rate of creativity to come up with creative solutions.
Outdoor walking, hiking, or hiking

4. Meditation at the end of the day
In the early days of the world, or in Win, and until he tells you their opinions, you get them a little nervous, and stop them a little.

5. Planning for tomorrow
The CEO of American Express manages their proceedings.

6. Feeling grateful
Sudden, sudden, sudden, sudden, sudden, sudden.

7. Creativity
The ideal time for creativity is at night, the ones you study are less restrictive at night.
International fashion designer Vera Wang learned this, spending her last hour drawing creative designs, saying that even if it was not on paper, in her imagination.

8-healthy routine
Have you thought about self-care? Do you care about cleanliness?
These are followed by the usual Stephen King, where he stated that his daily routine to wash his hands, and make sure his cleanliness and pillow.

9. Focus on sleep
Michael Jackson: "We have the opportunity to spend enough time on the sleep of the successful, and do it in a simple way.

10 - the only forbidden before bedtime
The successful have all agreed, there is nothing to do with working at that hour.
: "The last thing you need is to be impossible in your case!".

These are successful habits around the world before bedtime.


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