Great tips for a good night's sleep

Great tips for a good night's sleep

Many people suffer from sleep problems, struggle long hours to sleep for a long time, and published the newspaper "Mirror" British, several ways a person to do to deceive himself to go to sleep, namely:

1 - Washing dishes

A study conducted by the University of Florida states that washing dishes can calm the mind and reduce stress, but on condition that the person smells the smell of cleaning fluid and feel the temperature of the water well.

People who washed dishes in this way reported a 27% reduction in anxiety.

2 . Listen to the story before bedtime

Just because you are an adult now does not mean that you can not hear a story before you sleep. There are lots of applications and audio books, for example the famous Calm application, which contains the Adult Sleep Section.

3. Think about 5 good things

Write five good things in your day before bedtime. Psychological studies conducted by UK and Canadian universities have shown that just thinking about what is good in your life at bedtime instead of bad can help you sleep faster and longer.

4. Try to stay awake

Researchers at the University of Glasgow asked a group of insomniacs to try to sleep as they normally would. They asked another group to lie in bed, keep their eyes open and try to stay awake for as long as possible.

5 - red lights

If you use night lighting in your bedroom, you may want to change it for a variety of red lights, where the red light has a higher wavelength and less power that helps to sleep.

6. Reduce the temperature

The basic body temperature should be reduced by about 1 ° C until our brains receive the message to start producing melatonin at night, which helps us to sleep. The ideal bedroom temperature is 18 ° C.

7 . Clean sheets

If you do not do this, the sheets not only absorb sweat and body oils, but also dead skin cells and dust that can cause allergies and disturb you during sleep.

8. Organize your room

A study by St. Lawrence University in New York found that people living in crowded environments take longer to go to sleep than people who do not have many things.

So make sure that every surface in your bedroom does not have more than three or four elements.

9 - Reduce the intake of sugar

A diet that contains a lot of sugar can deprive you of happy dreams, because it causes discomfort and disturbs you during sleep.

10 - Eat nuts, especially nuts

It is recommended to eat a snack of walnuts in the evening, where it helps to sleep.

11. Turn your eyes up

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, look at your eye between the eyebrows, then lower your eyes again. This movement slows down the active brain waves to the more relaxed alpha waves that stimulate sleep.

12. Stay calm

If you wake up at night, try to remain fairly motionless. Your body explains movements like rotation as a sign that it is time to wake up, and this can also produce adrenaline.

13. Sit near the window

Exposure to a lot of natural light during the day can help you sleep better at night, where the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine published an article showing that office workers sitting next to the window sleep more than those working in offices without windows.

14. Take a nap in the afternoon

A short nap can make you awake at night but timing is everything, and the perfect snooze time is at 2pm.

15. Get Vitamin D

There is a lot of research linking vitamin D deficiency to lack of sleep.

16. Check your medicine

Many of the pills prescribed by doctors have been shown to cause poor sleep, such as those used to treat high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis.


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