Health Tips

Health Tips

How do you know that you do not drink enough water?
 How do you know the amount of water your body needs?

 Symptoms of water shortage in humans:

 1 / feeling tired and stress quickly.

 2 / pale face and lack of vitality and freshness due to dry skin and the appearance of wrinkles and spots

 3 / Increase the level of tension and emotion

 4 / headache, dizziness, poor concentration and possibly a feeling of mollification

 5 / Pain in the joints as a result of stiffening of joints and roughness of cartilage

 6 / increased susceptibility to the collection of subcutaneous fat (cellulite)

 7 / Poor circulation and cold limbs

 8 / Indigestion, bloating and lack of utilization of food

 9 / weakness of kidney function and lack of volume of urine and high susceptibility to stones and feeling pain during urination

 10 / Pol center is very yellow due to the abundance of sediments and salts

 11 / corruption of the smell of breath

 12 / recurrent incidence of colds

 As a result of the severe drought, the eyeball in the skull retreated and the vision weakened

 Did you know that you can know the amount of water needed for your body !!

 Just multiply your weight by 30 (then divide the output by 1000) to get the number of daily liters needed

 Or divide the output to 250 ml to get the number of cups daily

 For example, if your weight

 50 x 30 = 1500 250 250 = 6 cup

 50 x 30 = 1500 1000 1000 = 1.5L

 If you need a liter of water, water 6 cups of water.

 - To drink and you are sitting: All harmful deposits from your body, including deposits that cause kidney stones ...

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