"Magic recipe" for Mourinho .. a huge wealth of just failure

"Magic recipe" for Mourinho .. a huge wealth of just failure

Wealth has always been associated with success and perseverance, but it is quite different with the famous Portuguese coach, Jose Mourinho, who has managed to raise huge sums because of his failures in the stadiums.

In a report entitled "Specialist in failure," the newspaper "Sun" British, said Friday that the latest huge push into the account of Mourinho was from his former club, Manchester United, who dismissed in December because of the disappointing results.

She said Mourinho had won a total of $ 80 million from the English club and local rival Chelsea and Real Madrid, in compensation for the unilateral termination of his services.

The Portuguese coach "earned more than any one in his whole life, just because he will be fired from his job."

In 2014, Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger called Arsenal "the specialist in failure" after the latter confirmed that he was not a candidate for the English Premier League.

Years later, the Portuguese coach has been described by the press as a "specialist in failure", but it is a delicious failure, especially since it is linked to millions of dollars.

Manchester United's financial arguments on Thursday showed the team paid the ousted coach and a number of his aides $ 25 million in compensation for their dismissal two months ago.


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