This Is What Hailey Bieber Would Eat On Her Ideal Date Night With Justin

This Is What Hailey Bieber Would Eat On Her Ideal Date Night With Justin

With a combined net worth of $268 million, you'd think the Biebers would have extravagant date nights, like renting out an amusement park, watching fireworks from the top of the Empire State Building, or at least eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Surprisingly though, Hailey Bieber (nèe Baldwin) prefers more low-key dates with her new husband. Ones that don't even require leaving the house.
In her newly-released 73 Questions video with Vogue, H-Biebs shares that her ideal date night involves "staying in, ordering in, and watching TV." Though this laid back scenario wouldn't count as a "date night" for most of us, since it's what we spend nearly every night doing, we suppose since the super-famous couple is so busy, it might not necessarily be the norm for them. When you're modeling, making music, and going to church events all the time, perhaps a night in really is special. Plus, we know that Justin and Hailey don't exactly have the best track record when it comes to creative dates — we'll never forget those photos of Justin Bieber crying in the middle of what should have been a romantic summer bike ride in New York with Hailey.

So what exactly do Hailey and Justin Bieber order in on those rare nights when they get to enjoy this ideal date? We don't know for sure, but in the Vogue  video, Hailey did reveal that she harbors a serious obsession with Shake Shack. She mentioned the burger chain not once but twice over the course of the eight-minute clip. She called it her "guilty pleasure" and wished that she could discover what's really in the secret Shack Sauce.

Joan's on Third, a Los Angeles-based specialty food store and restaurant, also got a shoutout in the video. Mrs. Bieber actually ordered food from Joan's on Third at the start at the shooting the clip, and it arrived — supposedly via Postmates — about four minutes later. Out of the delivery bags, the newly-wed pulled two Coronas and a box of some sort of food she was apparently saving to eat after the Vogue crew left. Who knows, maybe she was waiting to eat it with Justin while the two of them watch This Is Us — the show Hailey says she's currently into — for the best date night ever.


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