The strange question surprises Valverde ahead of Lyon's position

The strange question surprises Valverde ahead of Lyon's position

 Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde confirmed his team's readiness to face Olympique Lyon on Tuesday in the first leg of the Champions League final.

"We have been waiting for this game for a while, and I think the same thing happened to the opponent. We know they did not lose a game. They are strong in their court and it will be a complicated game," Valverde said.

"Everyone has a special opinion, and I find this question surprising to me, maybe in a game we did not create a lot of opportunities, but we are an attacking team, and I do not have much to say, we will see tomorrow."

"It means that the tournament is difficult and complex and we have to overcome it. It is also said that we are not showing well outside of our home, and this year we have won important matches against Tottenham and Inter Milan," he said.

"I did not talk to him, he was on the list because he got the medical statement, and Vermeilen was injured. He's a great player, and we'll see tomorrow if he gets into the game and then the starting lineup."

"They are always attacking and strong, they will try to pressure us, we have to try to win, we know there is another game, but it will be wrong to think," he said. in that".

"When we got to this game, everyone said that the opponent was weak and that did not help us. We lost one game. Let's not talk about the past. We should not lose the ball to Lyon.

"Mendy and Awar are great players, and we have to respect all the players from the teams we face. I will not deny that a poor player is a crucial player and scoring goals. It will be a loss for his team and we will seek to benefit from his absence."

"It's possible to start with him, we'll see, and when Suarez is on the pitch, we know he's going to get the chance. He played half an hour in the last game and he could score a triple."

"You always think about the long term and you have a desire to win everything. That makes you focus on the next game. We are excited about the Champions League, but we are not the only candidate," Valverde concluded.

Park Olympique Lyon will meet for the first leg between Barcelona and France on Tuesday before the latter will travel to Spain for the return leg at Camp Nou on March 13.


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