Protest of women in Sweden for men because of sexual dolls

Protest of women in Sweden for men because of sexual dolls

In an exciting move, Swedish women's organizations announced that the spread of sex dolls reinforces the idea that women are "tools" and makes violence against women natural, and called for official action against their manufacturers and sellers.

"These organizations have appealed to the authorities for legal legislation aimed at the phenomenon of" dangerous "sex toys and robots, and it is completely banned in Sweden, where it" generates ideas that encourage the exploitation of the bodies of women, "he said. : The Swedish Women's Lobby, the Swedish Organization for the Protection of Women and Young Women (Roks), and the Unicon.
"Why do men pay thousands of dollars to buy a robot that does all their orders?" "The female robot can not reject men's orders at all, unless programmed to do so," she said. "The consequences of the spread of sex dolls are the consequences of producing pornographic films, which result in the use of sexual bias and real violence." "And the exploitation of their bodies, a property promoted by puppet technique.

Swedish organizations have called for the prevention of the opening of "brothels and prostitutes" in Sweden, because their risks are as important as the dangers of traditional prostitution.


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