Causes of bitter mouth

Causes of bitter mouth

The tongue is responsible for the taste of all human consumption. It is known that taste means the distinction between the flavor of all foods, where the distinction between acidic foods and foods that taste sweet and salty, the tongue works by sensors that distinguish between all different foods, These devices send the information to the brain to differentiate the flavors of food, and most often feel some people very bitter mouth, and that may be due to the presence of many cells that characterize the bitter taste in the tongue, and will learn the details of the causes of bitterness mouth through this article.

Symptoms of bitter mouth infection
Usually accompanied by bitter mouth these symptoms, the most important of which are:
1 - exit foul odors from the mouth.

2 - the problem of bleeding gums due to severe inflammation.

3 - severe changes in the face because of injury to the facial nerve disorders and many disorders.

4 - the continuous sense of dryness of the mouth, and the disappearance of even when drinking a large amount of water.

5 - increase the secretion of saliva from the normal rate.

6 - unwillingness to eat a large amount of food or drink.

7 - weak ability to distinguish smells, in addition to the occurrence of many problems breathing, due to a severe blockage of the nose area.

8 - inflammation of the tonsils, with the occurrence of large size.

9. The desire to vomit continuously.

Causes of bitter mouth
There are many reasons to increase the feeling of bitterness of the mouth and the most important of these reasons are:

1 - Many dental problems, the most important of which is the problem of gingivitis and tooth decay, and may be due at times to the neglect of cleaning the teeth and the accumulation of a large amount of bacteria on them.

2 - the occurrence of gastrointestinal reflux, which means the transformation of part of the gastric juice to the esophagus and pharynx, and thus lead to the patient's feeling of bitterness persisted mouth, especially when eating, and perhaps the main cause of the disease is to eat a large amount of foods rich in spices, which also contains On a large amount of fat, and the incidence of it also to eat foods at the wrong dates may be accompanied by the feeling of bitter mouth severe stomach infarction and foul odor in the mouth, and also leads to a feeling of headache and severe nausea.

3 - occurs at times to eat both nuts and pine after a long time.

4 - Some drugs, especially the drugs of depression and vitamins that pregnant women before the birth of the persistent feeling of bitter mouth, and antibiotics also do so.

5 - disorders and severe hormone imbalance, for example in the case of a change in the proportion of estrogen in the body as a large increase or decrease, usually in both pregnancy or times of the menstrual cycle.

6 - the risk of poisoning with many different metals such as lead, mercury and copper.

7. The problem of many diseases such as diabetes, various cancers, liver diseases and jaundice.

8. This problem may sometimes be due to vitamin B12 deficiency, with excessive smoking.

How to treat the bitterness of the mouth
The treatment of the problem of bitterness of the mouth depends on determining the underlying cause of this gallbladder, in order to determine the method of good treatment for them, and will provide you with some tips to get rid of the problem of bitterness mouth and the most important of these tips are as follows:

1 - the need to maintain the cleaning of teeth on a daily basis and brush and paste, and must also be used mouthwash as a kind of disposal of the bitterness of the mouth, and can be used baking soda mixture with salt and put it on the brush.

2 - the need to be more frequent eating orange juice and lemon daily, because these juices work to increase saliva mouth, and also help to get rid of the bitterness of the mouth.

3 - Be careful to chew cinnamon and cloves more than once per day to get quick results in the healing of this problem.

4. Eat foods moderately, and avoid eating fatty foods that contain many spices. It is best to divide meals and eat small and frequent meals.

5 - Increasing the intake of water because it works to rid the body of any toxins that exist, and helps to get rid of toxins that exist in the mouth, and water is very important in reducing the proportion of acids found in the stomach, and thus reduce the bitter taste that exists in the mouth .

6. Peppermint and peppermint are constantly being taken, helping to get rid of any bad taste in the mouth.

7 - If you do not feel better after following the previous steps must be going to a dentist in order to take the necessary measures to get rid of this problem.


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