The best foods to maintain a man's sexual health

The best foods to maintain a man's sexual health

Many men fear erectile dysfunction, which appears with age, and some men suffer from erectile dysfunction, so they need natural tonics to help them improve and maintain their sexual ability.

4 Foods that maintain sexual ability in men
The following are the best foods that help men to stimulate sexual ability, strengthen erections, and prevent erectile dysfunction as the age increases, thanks to its richness on the nutrients needed by the body:


Oysters are considered to be one of the most important and useful seafood for men. The reason for the amazing oyster ability to improve sexual ability is to contain the hormone dopamine, which stimulates sexual desire in both men and women. It is rich in zinc useful for men's testosterone, Health of sperm.

Onions and garlic prevent men from getting prostate cancer

Onions and garlic

Both onions and garlic stimulate blood circulation in the body as a whole. They also reduce men's risk of developing prostate cancer because they contain anti-cancer-free substances that keep men's sexual health indirectly.

Pumpkin stimulates sexual ability in men
pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds or pumpkin seeds are a good food for men's sexual health. Pumpkin seeds contain zinc useful for sperm production in men. It also inhibits the weakness of testosterone and contains many nutrients to the body in general and stimulates sexual desire, It is rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus and omega acids
According to scientists, celery stimulates the proportion of pheromones in the man's sweat, making it appealing to men. Celery is rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory drugs and activates sexual organs in men and women.


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