The man that a woman can not forget

The man that a woman can not forget

It is difficult for a woman to forget a man he loved and married, and at the same time there are men who are easy for women to forget. A recent study attempted to answer the question: Why does a woman remember a man after many years?

We may meet someone in our lives and share a short conversation with him, but that remains in memory for a long time. There are people who can live with them for many years, but our memories erase them completely. The secret lies in the impact that this or that person has left on us.
The study conducted by the Center for Social and Women's Affairs in Sao Paulo, Brazil, attempted to answer the question: What is a man that a woman can not forget?

The man who praises her

The study, based on a survey of 3,000 women of different nationalities, showed that 72 percent of them could not forget men who praised their beauty and their personalities.

The man she met in certain circumstances

These conditions mean that women were psychologically tired and helped men to raise their morale, which helped them to change their lives for the better. 38% of women said they changed their negative attitudes to life after meeting men who were raised as women.

You can not forget it for a gentleman

Twenty-eight per cent of women said they still remembered men who had shown respectful attitudes towards them for many years, indicating that what women liked most about men was their compassion.

The man who saved her from a difficult situation

Sixty-three percent of women said it was difficult for them to forget men who had saved them from a difficult situation.

The man who kept her honor

90% of women believe that a man who preserves the honor of women is considered a noble person worthy of being remembered forever.


58% of women said it was difficult for them to erase a romantic man from their memory, because romance had become something missing in the world of men.


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