4 strange acts asked by the man in the intimate relationship

4 strange acts asked by the man in the intimate relationship

At the beginning of the marriage, both husband and wife explore their body map until they reach the most exciting positions, and the best behaviors that delight them and make them reach the peak, but sometimes the husband may ask his wife some strange acts during the exercise of intimacy because it increases the feeling of excitement . "Supermama" shows you some of the strange actions and movements that the husband demands during the practice of intimacy, and looks strange to some wives.

4 strange movements requested by the husband
Love bite
Some couples like to kiss his wife in her neck gently as a kind of increased arousal, and some prefer violent kissing in this area, resulting in some bruises, called the bite of love. Some couples prefer to bite just a bit more.

Lumbar armpit
Some men are affected by the smell of the body dramatically, some couples are aroused by the smells of the bodies of their wives in a large extent, and some of them doing so, and likes to lick an area under his armpit wife in his tongue during the exercise of intimacy, because that ignites his desire and increases his sense of excitement.

Oral sex
Some men give oral sex a great deal of attention, for caressing and more excitement before engaging in intimacy. The husband likes to stroke the genital organs of his wife and asks her to reciprocate the same act, which may alienate some wives and make them refuse to do so.

There are studies that have shown that oral sex is safe and does not cause any harm as long as there are no genital diseases in the couple. There are other studies that have proven that practicing it frequently or in case of genital diseases may lead to diseases such as herpes and cancer. Mouth and throat.

Obsession with a specific part of the body
Is that a man likes a certain part of the woman's body or something that she wears very obsessively, like her feet or her hair or wearing her glasses, for example, high heels or any place that is not sexually provocative to everyone, but it is the most arousing husband in his wife during the exercise of intimacy , Which makes some wives wonder what their husbands do.

Problems of marital life and solutions
You may prefer to practice intimacy at a rate greater than the other, or there may be certain preferences for a party not wanted by the other party, all of which may cause a different kind of quarrel caused by the lack of openness to each other's preferences in the intimate relationship, Take a different character away from the direct, you find that you are in the dispute about trivial things to empty your anger without talking about the main cause of the problem.

But try to be a bit flexible, but do not push yourself or do something you do not want against your will, but you have to show your husband your understanding of his wishes. It is better to always be clear about your feelings during intimacy. This will resolve many differences about your conflicting desires. .


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