An easy way to get rid of the bad smell of hair

The bad smell of hair is one of the most disturbing and embarrassing problems facing women. It occurs as a result of several factors affecting the scalp, including dandruff, and increased fatty secretion of hair.

Causes of hair injury with bad smell
There are many reasons that lead to the appearance of bad smell in the hair, which cause a lot of discomfort to women, most notably:

Infectious scalp injury, which is caused by bacteria and fungi in the scalp.
Hair injury in the dandruff, which often causes unpleasant odors to the hair, and cause other damage such as weakness of the hair and dryness and sometimes falling.
Lack of care for the cleanliness of hair, and contaminants that are exposed to hair all the time from the smoke of cars, dust, dust and sweating, all of which help to create unpleasant odors.
Frequent fatty secretions in the scalp, a problem suffered by fatty hair and cause itching and the appearance of the crust and odors unpleasant in the hair.
Stress and anxiety may lead to abnormalities in hormones and excessive secretion of fatty substances in the hair.

Ingredients for the extraction of bad smell of hair

In this context we offer you a range of natural mixtures that help you get rid of the bad smell of hair, and get rid of the causative factor:

Apple cider vinegar:

Mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of lukewarm water, wash your hair once a week to get rid of the bad smell in the hair and cleanse the scalp of bacteria and fungi.

Tea tree oil:

Massage your scalp and hair oil tea tree, it works to rid the hair of bad smell, and eliminates the bacteria and bacteria and fungi causing them, and gives the hair a refreshing smell.

Baking soda and water
Baking soda:

Put a tablespoon of baking soda on 3 cups of lukewarm water. Wash your hair once a week to get rid of the bad smell of hair, get rid of dandruff, and cleanse the hair from anything.


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