Benefits of black raisins for sex

Benefits of black raisins for sex

The raisins are one of the best types of grapes used to make raisins, because it is one of the substances that are characterized by a large flavor and distinctive thin crust, and is produced in different regions Around the world, including South Africa, Syria and Turkey, as well as Argentina, and there are many different raisins, including black raisins, and in this article we will deal with black raisins in particular, a type that has many health benefits and from them.

Benefits of black raisins in general
Zabi contains various nutrients in addition to various important substances such as sugars, carbohydrates, fiber and fat, and it contains various health benefits, including:
Strengthens the stomach and liver, as well as works to reduce the face of the lung, chest and throat, and works to eliminate bladder problems

Eliminates cough, sore throat, and phlegm
Contributes to the elimination of lung diseases, as well as diseases of malaria and rheumatism

Contributes to the elimination of the bladder quota, and thus works to eliminate it completely.
Contributes to the elimination of fatigue and fatigue, and it works to improve pregnancy periods

Contributes to the treatment of various digestive problems, it also helps to remove various toxins from the digestive system.
Contributes to the supply of energy to the body, and the reason is that it contains many sugars on top of fructose and glucos

It enhances the immune system, because it contains vitamins and nutrients as well as proteins
It facilitates the process of digestion, because it contains different fibers that contribute to facilitate digestion and swallowing, and thus can absorb water.

It works to treat the problems of tooth decay, and it prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, and the reason is that it contains oleicolinic acid.
Raisins work to strengthen bone, and it works to prevent the incidence of osteoporosis, and the reason is the amount of calcium, and therefore it is recommended to be eaten between meals or breakfast or dinner.

It works to reduce the acidity of the stomach, and the reason is that it contains both potassium and magnesium
It works to prevent infections and also contributes to the fight against germs

It works to protect the eye from diseases of neurological and visual disorders, in addition to it contains antioxidant polyphenols.
Contributes to the formation of red blood cells, and thus did not play a role in the protection of diseases of anemia, because of the contained iron and copper.

Benefits of black raisins for sex
Several recent scientific studies have shown that raisins contain large and high sugar levels, and therefore can fight various bacteria, in addition to it contributes to strengthening men in sexual relationship, and advised to take it to increase erection and also contributes to delay ejaculation, and has the role Is a major problem in the treatment of lung problems. It is one of the problems that cause the inability to have sexual relations. Therefore, we use raisins to increase the chances of reproduction because of the strengthening of semen.

It also works to increase sexual desire in men, and contributes to the activation of blood circulation in men, which contributes to improving sexual ability and erection, and can also be addressed by women, but be careful because it has many negative side effects.

The benefits of black grapes and religion
We were told by Ibn Qaytibah: Said bin Ziyad bin Qaed, from his father, from his grandfather Ziad ibn Abi Hind, from his father, he said: I give to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him a plate of grapes covered covered revealed the garment, and then said: Eat in the name of God, yes food raisins, hardens the hard, and goes the fuse, and extinguishes anger, and sweet flavor, and goes phlegm,

Ibn Hibbaan said: "I am alone with Said, so I do not know the scourge from him or from his father or from his grandfather.

The scholars say in raisins
The poet Abu Talib al-Ma'mouni said in describing the raisins
And a sectarian of raisins by ... Drinking when moving as if in the pot vessels ... of the nuggets filled with honey.

Ibn Sina said
Raisins are the friend of the liver, stomach, grapes and raisins with their wings - each of them - for the pains of the intestines, and the raisins benefit the kidneys and bladder.

Some of the scholars in it say
The best raisins are large size and fat margarine and meat peel paper and remove the crumbs and the smallness of his love is like the grapes taken from him, sweet spicy sour and cold and white clutch more rigid than other.


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