Teen milk is a medicine for other intractable skin diseases

Teen milk is a medicine for other intractable skin diseases

 The most powerful thing in the fig tree is its milk, which is more powerful than some medical medical medicines, especially green figs. It is found in its back when it is broken, and if it is used immediately, it is the best and it can bring a whole snail and even the fruit of fig and make it in water to keep its moisture and milk longer. For treatment ..

     Its benefits
* A medicine is great for all skin diseases without exception and its strength is the result of speeding and sometimes even once and the most delayed as a treatment for one week, but it throws the position that is touching if it is on the skin and internal organs and this powerful property is required to be effective medicine,

Dripping with fig milk, or stirring with figs
Dandruff, pharynx, elephantiasis, psoriasis, anal diseases, swine, haemorrhagic nephropathy, nails and warts in the feet and hands.

It is used to remove unwanted hair and gradually break down its germs, water bags, smallpox and psoriasis, and strong skin to remove the effects of different and colored spots - must be obtained from contact with the eye and it must be diluted or make drops of it for internal uses.

* With honey for eye and dandruff and inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye and the start of blue water and thick layers and must be careful or under the supervision of an expert

* Drip in the age of decay to kill the worm and if more eroded tooth and fall and when used in the mouth must be isolated tongue chalk so as not to ulceration

Here are two options: either use drops or fill with empty capsules, shrink into the vagina, be strong, or mix with other uterine medications such as ointments, creams or foam.

- If the diameter of the fig and dry for the time of need or powder powder easier abdomen and softness of the uterus, and if drinking with vinegar and water easier to speak and once, with the ring flour for gout

Those who are afraid of fig milk to treat all these diseases should eat the green figs with incomplete maturity, with a little return, and take off all the polyps from the mouth, pharynx and sinuses, ending with the exit and Boasirh
It is useful for prostate, especially if it is inserted from the nearest position or inserted through the urethra by medical personnel

- Fresh fig leaf is more useful to drink as a tea for menstrual disorders and to manage and modify women's hormones. It reduces blood sugar, activates pancreas and insulin, and benefits asthma and gout. Kidney and liver eliminates spleen enlargement, activates blood circulation and arteries and heals diseases, bronchospasm and inflammation of membranes and alveoli, regulates menstrual disorder and its duration

- It has disinfectant properties and the ability to clean the intestinal ulcers in mucous membranes such as mouth ulcers and uterus and stomach, and at the same time it is ulceration of the body and opens the mouths of ulcers externally and a mixture of glutinous powder dispenses surgery and iron to deal with the most difficult sores and boils and fatty bags and the period during his stay.

- The sand comes out of the kidneys with water of vinegar or vinegar

• So filling a bottle of glass of fig milk for the time of need as a treasure is not compensated to help others to aid them from skin lesions, especially at a time, perhaps the non-season of fig, which is a lot of magic milk for all these health problems and do some of them without revealing that the milk figs to get rid of him
It is said to freeze milk such as bloating and dissolve rigid like vinegar.

Figs and olives :

If you want to strengthen the olive oil in all its therapeutic uses, add the milk of the figs, and add the olive oil,
And their friendship is not limited to milk and oil, but fig leaves and the fruit of the olive and here is the fruit of raw olives is the strongest, especially skin diseases, and the leaves of olives and fig fruit and so all the plants from the parts of Kifma Mix is ​​an integrated mixture to deal with many chronic ills,

- If you are suffering from desperate doctors in the treatment of what is outside the body or in depth, you only have to crush the raw olives or the nuclei of the olive and the diameter of the fig milk and hold it or carry it from the nearest place of infection

- Deep in the brain and head compresses the puff and forehead and inhalation of the mixture vapor from the gill
Asthma and respiratory organs inhaled from the mouth
- Problems of colon, kidney weakness and hemorrhoids Anal suppositories
- Diseases of the uterus, menstruation and vaginal vaginal suppositories
- For stomach and shoulder bandage and so on

Drink olive oil, fig milk, olive leaf tea and fig leaf, even in liver, pancreatic and neurological diseases.


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