Food items on men are constantly taken care of

Food items on men are constantly taken care of

Scientists from Finland said eating chicken eggs is very beneficial to men's health, so they are advised to eat at least four eggs a week.

Doctors consider it useful for men to eat one egg a day, because of the positive effect in the health of men when eating eggs regularly on a regular basis.
The benefit of chicken eggs for men in particular is that it is accompanied by periodic intake of a 37% lower risk of diabetes. In addition to this, make sure that eggs are a perfect source for cholesterol, because egg cholesterol positively affects the heart muscle in men.

Experts note that many are afraid of cholesterol, but, remember that the human body needs to balance low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). The molecular structure of cholesterol in eggs is similar to that of testosterone, so eating eggs increases its level in the man's body.

With age, the level of the male hormone decreases by 1-2 percent every year, Finnish scientists say. However, this hormone should be maintained at a certain level to ensure the fertility of men, their sexual function, the strength of their bones and muscle mass.

According to specialists, the foods that are useful in maintaining the level required for testosterone are:

- Ginger

The results of scientific studies confirm that eating ginger for three months regularly raises the testosterone level by 17.7%.

- Materials containing zinc, such as red meat, chicken, beans and nuts.

- pomegranate

The results of scientific studies confirmed that eating pomegranate regularly can raise the level of testosterone by 24%.

- Food containing magnesium

The low level of this element in the body is linked to increased accumulation of fat under the skin, which inhibits the production of testosterone in men. Therefore, lentils, nuts, beans, seeds, whole grains, leafy vegetables and chocolates should be eaten because they are rich in this ingredient.
- Materials rich in vitamin "D"

Foods rich in this vitamin: tuna, cow liver, sardines and herring.

- olive oil

The use of olive oil increases the concentration of the hormone "Luteinizing hormone" (a hormone stimulating the yellow body produced by the pituitary front), stimulates testicular cells on the secretion of testosterone.

- Healthy fats

Cholesterol contributes to healthy fats, which are useful in the synthesis of testosterone. Therefore, men should eat foods that contain a proportion of fat, as their lack causes a decrease in the level of testosterone in the body.

- Onions

The onion juice increases the level of the hormone activating the yellow body, which in turn increases the production of testes to testosterone, in addition to the onion positively affects the production of sperm.


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