Things you should not do while bathing

Things you should not do while bathing

There are some things to keep in mind when taking a shower because some bad habits can affect your health and body over time.

Bathing is an important and indispensable thing, but bathing may become harmful to health if you follow some of the wrong habits, which you should pay attention to well.

1- Bathing for a long time
Prolonged exposure to the skin affects the health of the skin. It should not exceed 20 minutes during bathing.

Where prolonged underwater stays can cause dry skin.

2 - the use of hot water
Although hot water helps to relax, but when it is very hot, it removes natural oils from the skin, it can cause skin irritations and becomes dehydrated.

This applies to hair as well, as stripping the scalp of natural oils will damage them, so it is better to shower with cool or cold water.

3 - Wash the face during the shower
Many people are keen to wash the face during the shower, which is wrong should not be done, because the use of hot water and rubbing the face with soap with this water will cause a lot of skin problems.

It can cause effects such as stains and ulcers, and expose them to dryness and irritability.

4 - the use of aromatic products
Baths containing many perfumes can damage the skin and cause rash and irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin.

The lower the perfume, the safer the products will become.

5 - the use of many additions
You can have fun in the bath, whether bubbles or salts, but overproduction of these products can cause skin allergies.

Good types of these additives should be selected because some species contain harmful chemicals.

6- Do not clean the bath after use
The bath may look clean in front of you, but in fact contains bacteria and bacteria that spread over time, so it is recommended to clean it after use.

It is preferable to use disinfectant for bath.

7 - repeated use of shampoo for long periods
As age passes, changes occur in the skin and hair, so these changes must be followed to identify the most suitable products for skin and skin.

For example, you will need a shampoo that contains more protein or an additional moisturizer.

8- Do not change the loop
One of the big mistakes you make against your body is to continue to use lupa for a long time, as it is fertile environment for bacteria and bacteria because of moisture.

Be sure to clean the loofah well after each shower, and to be free of water as much as possible, and must be replaced by another once a month, and not more than one person to use.

9 - Do not wash towels after use
Like a bath towel, the towel can become a good environment for bacteria and mold, and when used to dry the face and body later, the bacteria will move to the body and damage the health of the skin.

Therefore, it should be washed after use and not to remain dry for later.


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