Avoid using the phone before bedtime

Avoid using the phone before bedtime

Professor Vsevolod Polotsky, of Johns Hopkins University, warned of the prolonged use of telephones during the night.
"Telephone and tablet computers are a prime enemy of healthy sleep, sitting for a long time and reading pages of social communication through these devices puts us at risk of radiation from their screens, which damage the neural network in the body significantly, as well as damage to the eyes.

"To ensure optimal sleep, people should not be exposed to radiation from phones, computers and TV at least two hours before bedtime, they affect the biological clock of our bodies," Polotsky said. If you are suffering from insomnia or inability to sleep, the first thing you have to do is see your doctor, and do not use the phone to darken his eyes at night. This is counterproductive. "He said.

The expert advised all people to avoid sleeping in one room with pets whose fur might cause certain allergies, and to keep the temperature in the rooms where they slept moderately, and stressed that the adult should sleep at least 7 hours a day to ensure the health His nervous system.


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