10 reasons why you do not lose weight

10 reasons why you do not lose weight

You eat healthy, play sports and have a healthy lifestyle. But despite all your efforts, you have difficulty losing weight? Here are 10 reasons that will help you understand why you can not get rid of your extra pounds.

1- You eat a lot

It seems obvious and yet ... Some people are surprised at not being able to lose weight when in reality they eat just more than enough! You are used to having too large portions without realizing it ... From now on, choose smaller plates!

2- You do not move enough

It is not enough to eat healthy and balanced to lose weight. You also have to play sports to burn the most calories. In addition, it allows to lose weight while keeping a firm and muscular body.

3- You nibble between meals

If you never feel hungry, it's a bad sign. This means that you nibble between meals and prevent your body from doing well. Allow yourself all the same snacks in case of hollow but low caloric. The apple is for example an excellent appetite suppressant.

4- You chained draconian diets

Making diets too restrictive is good for the body and for morale. Be indulgent with yourself and indulge yourself with healthy food without too much deprivation ... Because with a draconian diet, there is a good chance that you will recover double the pounds lost.

5- Your metabolism is slower than average

There are people who eat like four and do not take a gram, and others who make immeasurable efforts and struggle to see the fruits of their sweat. Why? When you have a slow metabolism, the body burns fewer calories to find energy, which may lead to weight gain. The good news is that you can speed up your metabolism by playing sports!

6- You do not sleep enough

Lack of sleep promotes the consumption of foods high in sugar and fat. Now you understand better why you threw yourself on this packet of chips at 2 am the other day? So sleep enough.

7- You skip breakfast

How many times has it been said to us: breakfast is essential for the proper functioning of the metabolism. Do not, therefore, especially not in the morning and do not worry, you burn all in the day if you move enough.

8- You are taking a medicine that affects your metabolism

Several drugs have the side effect of weight gain. This may explain your difficulty losing weight despite all your good intentions. Talk to your doctor before making a change in your diet.

9- You eat too quickly

Take the time to eat your meal, chew the food and savor every bite. Avoid eating in front of the TV or on the phone. If you eat too fast you will be hungry too fast ...

10- You stress a lot

Permanent stress induces excessive hormonal secretion and raises blood sugar, which promotes weight gain ... Learn to relax. Do yoga, dance, painter ... or any other activity that you like that helps you relax.


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