5 benefits of seawater

5 benefits of seawater 


The sea is a real treasure (and we do not speak of the Heart of the Ocean in Titanic). Remineralizing, decongestant, antibacterial ... Focus on its many virtues.
Seawater has been used since antiquity to cure many ailments. Today, we take off with Jean-Michel Colleu, Thalasso & Spa Director of the Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo, who unveils all its benefits ... And some may surprise you!

It boosts tired organisms
The composition of seawater is close to the liquids of our body. In fact, "it has the same minerals (potassium, magnesium, sodium ...), which makes it work for the proper functioning of our metabolism".

It improves the quality of the skin and promotes healing
"Seawater allows a rebalancing of all functions through the metabolism, including the skin. It is also through it that the percutaneous transfer of mineral ions takes place ". Rich in magnesium, zinc and salt, it restores skin hydration and radiance and accelerates healing, a natural way to fight against acne for example.

It repairs a fracture faster
Seawater is beneficial to all our tissues, even our bone mesh! Indeed, "after fracture, a consolidation is much faster when the rehabilitation takes place in the marine environment, thanks to the calcium contained in seawater".

It decongests the respiratory tract
Seawater is recommended for people with respiratory problems. "Here, it is the marine aerosols (scattering of seawater droplets generated by waves and currents) that have a decongestant effect on the airways. It acts like aerosols sold in pharmacies, but more powerful!

It prevents diseases
"The elements of seawater rebalance the whole body which thus has a curative and preventive basis on existing or future pathologies. Added to this are the mechanical effects of the hydromassages ". In thalassotherapy, the sea water taken off is heated to 35-36 ° to relieve tense muscles but also to dilate the pores and thus boost the penetration of marine active ingredients. Finally, "seawater is full of plant active ingredients that release antiviral and antibacterial substances". What to strengthen its health capital!


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