Galaxy S11: Samsung has certified its battery of 3800 mAh

Galaxy S11: Samsung has certified its battery of 3800 mAh

The Samsung Galaxy S11 will have a battery with a capacity of 3800 mAh. The manufacturer has just obtained the certification of the battery that will power its future flagship, information that comes fill a new empty box on the table of features of the smartphone.

Samsung is expected to formalize the Galaxy S11 between February and March 2020. By now, the design of the smartphone is certainly already complete, just like the components to be integrated. While waiting for the official presentation, the leaks continue to reveal the characteristics of the future Galaxy S11. The battery of one of the models of the next series has just been certified by the South Korean organization SafetyKorea. It bears the code name EB-BG980ABY.

For those who know how Samsung flagship are referenced, G980 is a model of the Galaxy S11 series (SM-G80 ..). The battery is most likely that of the future S11 or Galaxy S11e knowing that the current S10e is the reference SM-G70. The image published on the website of SafetyKorea is very small, which makes the writing highly pixelated to zoom. However, we can distinguish references, but also the nominal capacity of the battery is 14.36 Wh. With a standard voltage of 3.85 volts as on the Galaxy S10, this equates to a capacity of about 3730 mAh, or 3800 mAh for the datasheet.

Whether it's the Galaxy S11 or S11e, the battery would be in any case a much better capacity compared to current models. The Galaxy S10e has a battery of 3100 mAh and Galaxy S10 standard of a 3400 mAh battery. This would correspond to an improvement of more than 20% and 10% respectively for both models. Finally, the leaks also raise a corner of sail on the improvements expected side photo.


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