Samsung has patented borderless smartphone by South Korean brand

Samsung has patented borderless smartphone by South Korean brand

The Korean manufacturer has just patented a touch-screen smartphone project whose screen covers the entire facade

In the smartphone market, the trend is towards borderless models. Samsung continues to push the limits in this regard, according to a new patent unearthed by the site LetsGoDigital.

Published on November 7, this patent mentions a "3D screen with tactile border". It presents a smartphone without any border or notch, with a screen covering the entire front.

A challenge for designers
According to the specialized media Frandroid, it could be a sketch of the next Galaxy One, a future hybrid smartphone between the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note. The patent describes a smartphone of which three of four sides have a 90 degree angle. The bottom corner would be slightly smaller, to accommodate the USB-C jack, speakers and other items.

The curvature of the screen would display menu items on the side, with quick access for e-mails, calendar, weather, etc. This innovative configuration represents a real design challenge. Indeed, it will prevent the user inadvertently presses on one of the quick accesses, when he holds his smartphone in hand, underlines iPhoneSoft. It remains to be seen if the Korean manufacturer will take up this challenge for good.


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