Why strong women struggle to find the ideal man

Why strong women struggle to find the ideal man

Romantic, life is reluctant to guide you to love? Unfair? perhaps. Particular? Surely not. In life, there are two kinds of women: those who are still in a relationship, and those who are never - or rarely. The second category often seems to question the ability of other women to always find the ideal man. Still, it's not that easy ... we explain why.

They are intimidating:

The male mind is provided with an ego that usually drives the male to be dominant, because in their deepest nature, men like to keep power. But when they feel a certain power in the object of their desire, they will sometimes prefer to keep their distance. Of course, confident and independent women who know exactly what they want weaken their system. They will therefore rather go to less assertive women.

They are ambitious:

We are talking about professional ambition, because obviously ambition alone is not a problem. Career women are less available and generally less vulnerable. His partner will not really feel useful, he who seeks constantly to show his manhood by bringing his protection and not only his affection. It seems to fly on its own, which tends to destabilize.

They do not tolerate stupidity:

An intelligent woman will always seek to stimulate her mind and enjoy fine and subtle jokes. Thus, a grotesque and intellectually limited man could in no way fill it. These women easily detect deceit and manipulation, in other words, we do not do it to them!

They are quite particular:

It may be his aura, his spontaneity, a trait or just his smile, but what is certain is that it can not be explained. These women have a weapon of their own, a kind of little innate that makes them so special and for some, weird.

They know what they want:

No question of procrastinating! A strong woman knows exactly what she wants and searches for it fiercely. To deflect it from its objectives is to say an impossible mission. Indeed, it will be necessary to accept a certain independence in the couple or simply to adapt. It sometimes seems so natural for a man to adapt to the woman, but roles can change and change is not always obvious.

They are intense:

Indomitable and sure of themselves, they have dreams as big as their ambitions. As with all other aspects of their lives, they will never be satisfied with a banal love story. With them, you have to see things big. The attentions, the projects of the future, the voluptuousness. It does not take much to fill them, nevertheless, it does not take less for a man either if he gives himself this prerogative.

They are mature:

By landing in his life, it is in the adult world that one sets foot. She is not the type to linger over trivialities, nor to sink into self-pity. She loves the concrete and always going forward.

Their love is pure:

Having no time for comedy and shambles, they will only start a relationship if they are sure to be totally in love. Thus, their love will always be pure and unconditional.

They are hard to find:

Yes, ladies, where are you hiding? Certainly in your small inner circle, with your family or your nose in your books. But the nose out in a more pleasant initiative will open you more doors!


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