Stock up on vitamin C with Forever Absorbent C

Stock up on vitamin C with Forever Absorbent C

Providing 75% of the body's daily vitamin C requirements is the special contribution of Absorbent-C, the dietary supplement of Forever Living Products. Combined with oat bran, a highly soluble fiber, the food supplement is the perfect companion to live a fall by keeping the peach!

Always associated with good health, vitamin C is essential in the production of collagen that unites the tissues of the body. It can also prevent against anything that can hinder during the fall: asthma, arthritis or allergies. For example, smokers need more vitamin C, each smoked cigarette destroying about 25 mg of this substance.

Air pollution is also a very harmful enemy of the vitamin. This is why people living in big cities need more vitamin C.

And because the human body is not able to produce Vitamin C itself, Forever Absorbent-C is here to do the job for you!

Better: To prevent much of the vitamin is destroyed during digestion, Forever Absorbent-C helps to preserve the essential thanks to its original formula with oat bran. It preserves the full nutritional value of ingested food, to neutralize the toxins that are released inside our body.

Oat bran is also rich in Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which help stabilize cholesterol levels in our body.

In all respects, Forever Absorbent-C is not a banal tablet but a dietary supplement that can be consumed like any other fruit, vegetable, or cereal. For those who take care of their body, Absorbent-C is an ally of choice. It also contains sorbitol, honey, stearic acid, orange zest and papaya powder.


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