Lady Kitty Spencer is made up by the former makeup artist of her aunt Diana

Lady Kitty Spencer is made up by the former makeup artist of her aunt Diana

Lady Kitty Spencer, the niece of Diana, appeared sublime in an article devoted to the site "Harper's Bazaar". On this occasion she was made up by the old make-up artist of Diana.

On May 19, 2018, the planet was dazzled by Meghan Markle saying yes to Prince Harry. And if the attention was on the one who became Duchess of Sussex, the name of another member of the royal family was also on everyone's lips: Lady Kitty Spencer. Same blond hair, same blue eyes ... Discrete so far, the niece of Diana baffled the assembly by its surprising resemblance to her deceased aunt. Since then, Lady Kitty Spencer, who already had a public image as a supermodel, continues her media rise. She poses for "Harper's Bazaar". Nothing exceptional so far for the one who has already made several appearances in the magazine. Except that this time, the aristocrat chose to be disguised by the old make-up artist of Diana. Indeed, Mary Greenwell was in charge of sublimating the niece of the Princess of Wales. Bright complexion, just pink mouth, sleek look, cheekbones enhanced by a highlighter ... Lady Kitty, elegant and chic, is displayed without ostentation with nude makeup and fresh. This shoot was clearly under the sign of Diana, whose every moment was reminiscent of his memory. Mary Greenwell says about this dose of nostalgia: "Having Kitty sitting in the dressing room ... It was like going back in time. ".

Diana and her makeup affinities
Several years to rub shoulders with the princess of hearts undeniably marked Mary Greenwell. A complicity was formed between the two women. The makeup artist does not just mention Diana in terms of beauty. She can not help but highlight the woman she was, and the human qualities she possessed. Mary Greenwell confides: "Diana was so willing and open [...] just like Kitty" And to add: "Just a kind of freedom, there is a sense of freedom in them". Mary Greenwell worked alongside Diana Spencer during the '80s and' 90s. She is the one behind her radical makeup shift. In fact, during her youth Princess Diana put a line of blue kohl in the hollow of her lower eyelids. The expert then advised him to bet on black invoking the following argument: "The blue eyes should not wear pencil or eye shadows of the same color, it tarnishes the eyes."


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