1. Healthy bone drink 3 cups of tea a day

Green tea or black tea: make your choice! According to a recent international study, 3 cups of tea a day would be effective in preventing certain bone diseases, such as osteoporosis.

A bowl of black tea (about 200 ml) brings between 90 and 218 mg of flavonoids to the body. A bowl of green tea (always 200 ml) brings between 48 and 138 mg. Flavonoids are natural chemicals that belong to the polyphenol family: they are excellent when it comes to fighting cognitive decline, boosting memory, protecting the skin against UV, fighting heart disorders ... In short, no way to do without!

However, according to a new international study (published in the journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition), flavonoids (which are also antioxidants) would also be very effective to maintain bone health and prevent osteoporosis, especially in women. To reach this conclusion, researchers followed 1,188 women (of different ages and social status) over a 10-year period. Verdict? At the end of the experiment, participants who had consumed at least 3 cups of tea a day had 30% less risk of suffering from bone disorders: fracture, osteoporosis, etc.

Chocolate too

"Drinking three cups of tea a day is not much, but it can dramatically improve your health, especially if you're a senior," say the scientists. Prefer black tea, especially at breakfast. In addition, some foods are rich in flavonoids: we think of lemon, red fruits, tomatoes, onions, broccoli, grapes, apples, red wine ... "Not to mention dark chocolate! And if we organized a small tea black tea dark chocolate mousse?


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