secrets of girls who know how to seduce

secrets of girls who know how to seduce

Serious, what's their thing? They like a look and yet, we have the same eyes ... We questioned 10 girls who seduce with a snap of a finger. Revelations.

For having run months after a guy while another waved two eyelashes and concluded, we know today that everything is played in a few seconds. The right gesture, the right sentence, the good idea. OK, there is no rule in the matter, no magic recipe to seduce for sure, but we imagine that there are things to try. Seductresses give us their stuff.

Being surrounded by guys

"Already, being part of a group of guys, it's cool because they give very good advice. But above all, it is good to go out with them: men attract men! We think that I like it, necessarily it arouses interest ... "
Célia, 27 years old

There is joy

"To have the potato is much more attractive than to play it mysterious and poet in its bubble. Joy, life! Even when the evening is nil or that the guy does not really make me laugh, I remain dynamic and happy, it makes its small effect, it is catchy. "
Fanny, 26 years old

Leave a little earlier

"As soon as the guy likes me, I leave. Finally, I still enjoy a little and then I loop. Disappearing, it makes us want to see each other again ... Always know stop at the right time. "
Coralie, 30 years old

Take initiatives

"Hold your arms dangling and hope that our target is melting ... It's average. My thing is the inside. Delicately of course. I get closer, I talk to him, plant my eyes in his. At worst, he pushes me back, but I do not spend three years on it. Guys like to approach them. "
Laurence, 32 years old

Make talk

"What's more flattering than someone who asks you questions and wants to know you? When a guy likes me, I do not make any detour and I question him. His life, his daily life, his work, his passions ... And at least I know if my favorite is only physical or if the guy really interests me. "
Leslie, 29 years old

Fix it

"Playing with your gaze ... A look, that means everything. So I insist, I mate, I smile, I draw attention. At that moment, he knows that I have an interest in him, which awakens his. "
Ombeline, 29 years old

To be spontaneous

"I have often seduced at my expense. Since I was not paying attention, the guys were coming. So I kept this thing in a corner of my head ... If the guy likes me, I know that I risk losing my natural. So I forget for a moment that he is here and I cling to my spontaneity. Easy: we repeat that we are with a friend. "
Elisa, 28 years old

Catch his watch

"Physical contact, nothing like it. As I do not intend to put a hand to the buttocks, I ask the time gently gripping his watch ... Hi, it's me, I allow myself ... "
Stéphanie, 34 years old


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