Angelina Jolie tackles Brad Pitt: "their father chose to live his life"

Angelina Jolie tackles Brad Pitt: "their father chose to live his life"

Tensions are far from calm between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt! The proof, the actress does not hesitate to tease her ex in the media.

While not so long ago Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were the most glamorous couple in Hollywood, today the two ex are fighting a merciless war. Indeed, since their separation was reported by the press, the two actors are taclent by medias interposed. Their divorce proceedings even turned into a nightmare after they fought long and hard for custody of their children. A very difficult time for Angelina Jolie who then declared in People magazine:

It was a very hard time. I was coming out of a few difficult years and I did not feel very strong anymore. In fact, I felt rather broken. It took me a moment to regain strength to get back to work.

A tackle that should not please Brad Pitt!
If the situation calmed down somewhat three years later, tensions are visibly far from being appeased on the side of the actress. Asked by Harper's Bazaar magazine, Maddox's mom, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox launched a small tackle to her ex-husband:

I would love to live abroad. And I will do it as soon as all my children are 18 years old. But for now, I have to stay put while their father has chosen to live his life.

Because for Angelina Jolie, her children go first:

My children know me and help me find and accept me. As parents, we encourage our children to accept themselves as they are and to know that everything they feel in their heart is right. And when they look at us, they wish us the same thing.

According to rumors, it was after a violent altercation about her husband's drinking that Angelina Jolie decided to seek a divorce. Today the two actors are still in full negotiation. Indeed, some financial issues are still outstanding.


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